Counting On Star Jana Duggar Reveals Exactly What She Is Looking For In A Man

Counting On Star Jana Duggar Reveals Exactly What She Is Looking For In A Man
Credit: Source: Instagram

Being single at the age of 29 is not a big deal for most people, but Jana Duggar’s single status is very unusual for someone in her family. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have always taught their children that two important things in life are getting married and having children, and so far, most members of the Duggar clan have followed those rules, except for Jana.

Jana is on the verge of turning 30 years old and has yet to start a serious relationship. While Counting On fans speculate about who she might date in the coming months, Jana recently revealed exactly what she is looking for in a future husband. Taking to Instagram, Jana penned a heartfelt note in honor of Father’s Day, and her words reveal what she thinks are good qualities in a mate.

“Dad is a giver. Always giving of his own goods and supplies without expecting anything in return,” Jana wrote. “He’s the first one to start a party no matter the occasion.”

The Counting On star added that her father is never afraid to ask for forgiveness and has plenty of patience, compassion, humbleness, and kindness. She also praised him for being a strong leader and said that she hopes to find someone just like him someday. While it is great to see Jana putting herself out there, the post clearly indicated that she is still single, which is not what Counting On fans want to hear.

According to The Hollywood Gossip , the Duggars belong to a sect of Christianity called the Quiverfull movement, which was founded by a disgraced leader named Bill Gothard. In his teachings Gothard argued that every Christian should have as many children as possible because this would eventually flood the world with Christians. With 19 kids of their own, Jim Bob and Michelle seem to have taken Gothard’s teachings to heart.

Jana Duggar has not commented on the rumors surrounding her dating life.

Fans can watch her in action when new episodes of Counting On air Tuesday nights on TLC.


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