Counting On Fans Accuse Jinger Duggar Of Endangering Daughter Felicity's Health

Counting On Fans Accuse Jinger Duggar Of Endangering Daughter Felicity's Health
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Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are enjoying the restaurants in their new hometown of Los Angeles, and Vuolo has been posting pics of their outings on Instagram. However, when he shared a photo of his 13-month-old daughter Felicity enjoying some barbecue ribs, some fans weren’t having it.

The pic that got Counting On fans talking was from Jinger, Jeremy, and Felicity’s trip to Ribs Against the Machine, and things got nasty quick in the comments section. One fan asked if God would approve of what happens to animals in slaughterhouses and factory farms, and another accused the couple of not being “righteous” or “peaceful” because they ate animals.

“You guys are such bulls**t, proclaiming to be ‘holy,’ ‘moral,’ and God-loving. Religions guide humans to be peaceful people who love and respect ALL beings. Eating animals is not ‘righteous’ or ‘peaceful,” wrote the angry fan, while another added, “Please think about the animal that was badly beaten in the face then shot, so you could post a picture of your daughter on Instagram eating ribs.

Even though there were a number of fans who didn’t like that little Felicity was enjoying some ribs, others defended Jinger and Jeremy. One fan wrote that taking digs at a couple you know nothing about is rude and a form of bullying and another couldn’t believe that people were judging and shaming someone for eating meat.


Jeremy has been posting a lot of pictures from different LA restaurants since he moved his family from Laredo, Texas to California to further his education, but none of them have featured Felicity or received any fan backlash.

The 31-year-old former soccer player likes to keep his fans up to date via his Instagram page, and he often does Q&A sessions with his followers. Recently, someone asked why he hasn’t posted any pictures of Jake the cat, who they adopted when they lived in Texas.

Jeremy said that they had to leave Jake behind in Laredo because he is terribly allergic. He explained that when he rescued the cat from the street he cared more about finding him a home than he did his allergies. Luckily, he was able to find Jake a forever family, and the cat is happy, says Jeremy.

New episodes of Counting On will return to TLC in October.



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