Colton Underwood Bitterly Jokes About His Cassie Randolph Split And 'Bachelor' Fans Think It Was ‘Too Soon!’

Colton Underwood Bitterly Jokes About His Cassie Randolph Split And 'Bachelor' Fans Think It Was ‘Too Soon!’
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As fans know, Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph are no longer together and it looks like he is still not over the breakup. After he mocked his split while chatting with fellow ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe about how much the show’s couples usually last, people thought that was too awkward and ‘too soon!

Just like his romance, Colton pointed out that the Bachelor’s relationships don’t tend to last and this came only a week or so after his and Cassie’s separation after two years together.

On May 29, the two released a statement in which they claimed that they were meant to be just friends after all!

Ahead of Sean Lowe‘s season airing yesterday, the Bachelor star posted about it to promote the special dubbed as: The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever.

That’s when Colton shared his thoughts in the comment section, stressing that couples formed on The Bachelor don’t tend to last.

‘Tomorrow night, my entire season's airing in a condensed three hour format for Bachelor G.O.A.T. Really excited to share my whole journey with you all. Also excited to get those 15-minutes of fame back I have been desperately searching for for the past 7 years. No spoilers please,’ Sean joked.

The pic showed him proposing to wife Catherine Giudici, her face jokingly covered by marker.

Colton then commented bitterly: ‘Hopefully you are still with her!’

Fans were quick to react, saying things like: ‘Too soon bro.’ / ‘This comment makes it obvious Cassie was the one who broke up with you. I am sad and mad.’ / ‘I assumed that she was the one who broke off, I mean she did already leave once and he chased her down and begged on national TV for her back.’

Fans of the show still remember how determined Colton was to be with Cassie even though she wanted to leave the show at some point because she could not see a future with him.

While he managed to get her to at least date him if not marry him, in the end, things obviously did not work out.


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