Alison Roman Under Fire For Dressing Up As What Fans Believe Is A 'Chola' - Really It Was Amy Winehouse

Alison Roman Under Fire For Dressing Up As What Fans Believe Is A 'Chola' - Really It Was Amy Winehouse
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Alison Roman, the former columnist for the New York Times, is finding herself in trouble with social media once again, albeit, for an entirely different reason.

Page Six picked up on a social media battle recently in which fans argued over whether Alison dressed up as a "Chola," a slang term for a Mexican-American with an urban style, or Amy Winehouse, the pop-star who tragically died at 27.

The writer, Yashar Ali, discovered photos of Roman from her old Myspace Page. The post accuses Roman of dressing up in the "Chola" fashion, which is a particular way of dressing in the Mexican-American community.

Later, Roman addressed the quasi-controversy and said she was 23-years-old living in San Francisco at the time. She dressed up as Amy Winehouse and didn't realize how the world would perceive it in the future.

Ali responded by claiming that Roman didn't wear hoop earrings and didn't have an "Old English" tattoo on her chest either. Twitter users quickly came to Roman's defense, with one, in particular, writing that the only reason the photos got dragged out was that the writer has a relationship with Chrissy Teigen.

Another Twitter user found a picture of the 34-year-old former model, Chrissy Teigen, dressed up in a Native American costume. More users pointed out that it was actually common for Winehouse to wear big hoop earrings.

As it was previously reported, this comes not long after Alison's column was put on hold by the New York Times after her comments regarding Chrissy Teigen and other chefs in the industry. Roman accused her and Marie Kondo of "selling out."

When Chrissy Teigen found out about her comments, she took to her social media to say she found it all very "hurtful." Roman quickly apologized for her remarks, but the New York Times put her column on hiatus in the meantime.

Teigen later addressed this news and told the New York Times to bring her column back up, but the publication never took her advice.

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