Coco Austin Is Bashed Out For Posting This Photo Of Her Husband, Ice-T, And Their Daughter, Chanel -- Critics Say The Family Goes Too Far

Coco Austin Is Bashed Out For Posting This Photo Of Her Husband, Ice-T, And Their Daughter, Chanel -- Critics Say The Family Goes Too Far
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Coco Austin proved she is not joking when it comes to defending her family as the wife of Ice-T swiftly retaliated against a user on social media, who criticized that her daughter sleeps without a shirt.

The 40-year-old mother of one updated her Instagram page with a photograph of her husband sleeping next to their 4-year-old daughter, Chanel.

The sight of father and daughter, who both slept without any shirts, generated a lot of adoring comments, and many fans congratulated Coco on her beautiful family.

However, it seems that not everyone appreciated the photograph because one person claimed that it was not appropriate for the girl to sleep without anything covering her torso.

The critic said: "Where her shirt tho. She still a lil girl, I mean."

Coco quickly reacted to the comment, stating that it was just the way her daughter liked to sleep, and probably only one person in a million would think that was weird.

Coco hit back with: "She's 4… oh, please miss me with that… That's how she likes to sleep. You're one out of 1 million that thinks it's weird."

The mother's statement was defended by some of her followers because another Instagram user wrote nobody knew whether Chanel was not feeling well and got sick, so it was best to leave the matter alone.

One backer shared: "Jesus, your ignorance is astounding. You are getting EXACTLY what you wanted, attention, enjoy it. It obviously lacks in real life. 😂"

Another person wrote: "My kids never wore a shirt to bed at that age. And why because they get really hot at night and take it off."

This follower stated: "This woman keeps sexualizing a child. It’s gross. She is 4, and I am sure once the girl gets older, she will not be a. Sleeping in the bed with her parents and b. Sleeping in just some undies. There is absolutely nothing sexual about this picture. Also, I could’ve sworn this woman was “done” and “had better things to do” than keeping this convo going...."

This is not the first time when Austin has found herself facing backlash due to her parenting style, as in September, she was heavily criticized for breastfeeding her daughter at the age of four.

Back then, Ice-T stood by his spouse's side and stated that there was nothing wrong with Coco still nursing their child because every once in a while, Chanel wanted to get close to her mother, and that was normal for kids.

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  • fred
    fred Feb 7, 2020 5:02 AM PST

    Their kid their life. Sure she will have it lots better than most kids.

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