Christina Milian's Boyfriend Matt Pokora Slammed For 'Bullying' Her Daughter!

Christina Milian's Boyfriend Matt Pokora Slammed For 'Bullying' Her Daughter!
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Christina Milian's beau is under fire. Matt Pokora is accused of bullying her daughter with a joke that he made.

Christina's daughter appeared in a video that Matt posted on his social media. The 10-year-old is sporting Bantu knots when she asks him what he's doing.

Pokora uploaded he clip and used the bacteria emoji along with a laughing and heart emoji. It seems that he was comparing her hairstyle to the bacteria shape that has been used lately to visualize the Coronavirus.

Matt probably wasn't thinking when he as a white man made fun of an ethnic hairstyle on a 10-year-old black girl. Minorities have been (and continue to be) belittled of by people who look like him.

After the Shade Room reposted the video, fans came in to slam Milian's new baby daddy.

'Never come for a Black woman or child’s hair, especially if you aren’t Black and especially comparing it to a virus/bacteria during this Coronavirus climate.. ESPECIALLY when it’s not your child!' explained one.


'How do yall be excusing behavior like this 🤔 the man just made this baby hair & a virus that’s currently destroying this world his punchline and posted it 🤒 he’s weird asf' added another.

This person made an observation that read: 'If he was her older cousin or something, probably wouldn’t mind it. But he’s her, opposite race step father, his ideas about her culture, looks and person is going to be a big part of her identity. You can see she’s uncomfortable, she literally said, what are you doing???'

This follower offered insight on why this wasn't okay for Matt to do: 'Actually it is that deep for a little girl who is humiliated publicly. Her hair is not the texture of her mom’s or stepdad. But that psychology prob too heavy for shaderoomers.'

What do you think about Matt's post?

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