Power Actress Naturi Naughton Reveals 100-Meal Free Dinner Plan In New Jersey To Combat COVID-19

Power Actress Naturi Naughton Reveals 100-Meal Free Dinner Plan In New Jersey To Combat COVID-19
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Naturi Naughton, the Power alum, is just another entertainer who announced she was doing her part in helping slow the spread of the coronavirus around the United States. According to Page Six, the Power star revealed she was going to give out 100 meals a day in New Jersey, for free.

During a conversation with Page Six, Naughton explained that she has seen many people going out grocery shopping over the last few weeks, but not everyone out there can afford to pay for their own food during the economic shutdown.

As most know, the United States is currently on-lockdown as state-level governments have announced precautionary measures to help thwart the spread of the coronavirus. The results of which have been positive, except for the fact that many people rely on a weekly paycheck to pay their bills, including for basic necessities like food.

The Power alum said there are a lot of parents in the United States who feed their children dinner but typically look to the schools to give them breakfast and lunch.

As for who she'll be working with, Naughton is partnering up with Newark's Kings Family Restaurant as well as Orange's Southern Comfort Cafe for the next week.

Naughton isn't the only performing artist to donate money during this difficult time. The pop star, Pink, following her coronavirus diagnosis, took to her social media account to say she would be donating $1 million split between two different companies.

Additionally, Cardi B revealed earlier this week that she was going to donate 20,000 meal replacement drinks for healthcare workers in New York City. Fans of the "Bodak Yellow" rapper know that she was one of the first celebrities to come out and say she was concerned about the coronavirus.

The rapper took to her social media last month to say she was terrified of what was going to happen to the United States.

She was also criticized, however, for liking a tweet on Twitter which suggested there were celebrities being paid to say they contracted the coronavirus as if the government concocted a pandemic on purpose.

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