Chrissy Teigen Has Best Response To Troll Who Called Her “Chubby”

Chrissy Teigen Has Best Response To Troll Who Called Her “Chubby”
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Chrissy Teigen had the best response to a troll who called her chubby. Oh yes, the Queen of Twitter has done it again with putting the haters in their places with an epic clapback.

It all went down on social media but not on Teigen's page or her famous husband, John Legend's page. The heated battle went down on Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's Twitter page after she posted a picture of her with the couple.

"So thrilled to be introducing @chrissyteigen and @johnlegend at the House Democratic Issues Conference tonight!" shared Pelosi in a loving Tweet.

The hater wasted no time coming at Teigen in the form of body shaming, one topic the supermodel does not allow to happen to her or anyone else social media.

"Tiegen got fat,holly zhit," Jose Morales, said for no apparent reason other than he was on the attack against Teigen.

However, his negativity only prompted other users to defend the mother of two. As more and more users began to side with Teigen, Jose Morales just got more amped up and continued to spew hate all over the 33-year-old. He called her "fat" and chubby" multiple times before going into a lengthy rant about how she needs to hit the gym.

"Tiegan likes to attack people, so i'm attacking her weight, chubby needs to get to the gym," Jose Morales, said.

His remarks were enough to send the brunette beauty over the edge. Teigen bit her tongue for a while, as this guy just kept hating on her but thankfully in true Teigen fashion she put the smack down on the troll.

"I hate to say this are not a small person? also I don't care about my weight sooooo this does not hurt," Teigen Tweeted in a classy, yet positive response because she is confident in herself.

Although Chrissy Teigen had the best response to the hater for calling her chubby, it did not stop the user from still attacking her. She did not add fuel to the fire, but many fans did as they chose to keep having her back.

This is not the first time and will likely not be the last time Teigen has to clap back at a troll. It is something she has to do regularly. She deserves props for handling the haters with a little bit of humor and a lot of class.

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