Chris Matthews Admits To Inappropriate Conduct After His Firing From Hard Ball

Chris Matthews Admits To Inappropriate Conduct After His Firing From Hard Ball
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Chris Matthews, the ex-host of MSNBC's Hardball, announced his retirement following a batch of sexual misconduct allegations which the former host recently addressed. Chris said to Vanity Fair magazine earlier this week that the allegations were true and the sources were "very credible."

According to the New York Post, who picked up on the Vanity Fair interview, Matthews never denied Laura Basset's allegations that he had repeatedly harassed her. He said he never denied it and wasn't about to argue about it either.

Back in late February, Bassett wrote an essay for GQ Magazine in which she said she had an uncomfortable experience with Chris.

According to Laura, he looked over at her one evening as she was getting ready for a TV show appearence, and asked her how it was possible that he hadn't fallen in love with her yet. As it was previously reported, Matthews resigned from his position on Hardball around three days after the piece was published.

Matthews claimed he and other men - pre-MeToo - thought it was ok to comment on a woman's appearence in the workplace, but he's now realizing that it's not. The former host went on to add that he was truly "sorry" for his behavior.

Matthews, during his chat with Vanity Fair, said he accepted the accusations in full. Chris went on to say that he did, in fact, compliment Laura on her appearence and he was sorry for doing it. It was never ok, and he realized that after the fact.

Moving on to more current events, Chris said he thinks Donald Trump will lose to Joe Biden, rather than the other way around. The ex-host believes Biden needs a chance to "prove himself." Matthews does have his reservations though. The public has to ensure the Democratic nominee is up to the task.

As most know, Matthews isn't the only broadcasting figure to be accused of sexual assault. Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose both suffered the same fate after women accused them of misconduct.

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