Bill Maher Trashes Coronavirus 'Overreaction' And Chris Matthews Firing

Bill Maher Trashes Coronavirus 'Overreaction' And Chris Matthews Firing
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In a recent episode of Real Time With Bill Maher, the host of the popular television show shared his candid thoughts on the purported overreaction to the coronavirus in addition to the abrupt firing of the ex- Hardball host, Chris Matthews.

Variety claims the host kicked off his rant by stating that a close friend of his was fired, adding that he would miss him, as would many other people out there. According to Bill, MSNBC has changed the way they do things dramatically over the years.

He claimed their attitude was once shameless, however, now they've chosen to fire people who don't act right for one week. The host added that he thought "this cancel culture is cancer on progressivism." On Monday, Matthews revealed he was retiring and apologized for making remarks to women on the show.

Last week, a female journalist wrote an opinion piece accusing Matthews of making her feel uncomfortable during a 2016 encounter on the show. She went on to cite a few other examples to prove her point involving other women.

According to Maher, Matthew has been creepy at times over the years, however, he empathized with him by claiming guys like him have been married for many years, and they just want to harmlessly flirt with women for a moment.

Maher then went on to joke about Laura Bassett, the woman who wrote the piece, sarcastically thanking her and calling her "Rosa Parks." He joked, "is she a compliment victim or a compliment survivor?" After moving on from the #MeToo topic, Maher went on to poke fun at the reaction to the coronavirus.

Bill joked that at this point, he just wanted to become sick with the virus and then not have to worry about touching his face anymore. Bill's comments come not long after the film festival, South By Southwest, was canceled due to fears of the coronavirus.

The comedian went on to suggest that the reaction to the flu is over the top, using statistics to back up his argument. According to Bill, 3,000 people have died from the coronavirus thus far, in comparison to 61,000 last year from the regular flu in the United States alone.

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