Chris Brown's Girlfriend, Ammika Harris, Looks Pregnant In New Pictures -- Is Rihanna's Ex Expecting Baby Number 2?

Chris Brown's Girlfriend, Ammika Harris, Looks Pregnant In New Pictures -- Is Rihanna's Ex Expecting Baby Number 2?
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Rumors are flying high that Chris Brown's girlfriend is pregnant.

A few hours ago, Chris' on-and-off girlfriend, Ammika Harris, took to social media where she posted a picture taken from her 26th birthday party.

The stunning model was wearing a white risqué dress that featured lace and buttons in the front. Fans are certain that they can see a baby bump in the photo.

A video has also surfaced showing the birthday girl with a giant bouquet, and a tiny baby bump is visible.

To further spark rumors that Chris is expecting baby number two, he recently took to social media where he called Ammika, his baby mama.

One fan of Ammika's replied: "If he got her pregnant it’s really over this time like I accepted the first child bcuz neither of us really knew, but this is too much for me to handle😭😂."

Another person stated: "So what if she was. Why does everyone make it such a big deal when celebs have babies? I’ve never understood. We’re all human & a lot of us want to have kids and settle down eventually 🤷🏽‍♀️Happy Birthday Beautiful Ammika we wish you a year full of kindness, prosperity, and happiness. Pay no mind to trolls. You're a cutie with a soul. God Bless You, sister. 🙏🏽💓💚"

This music lover said to leave the couple alone: "Why is y’ all starting rumors saying this girl pregnant it’s just her dress gosh chill out! And if she was why you all so worried about it 💯💯. Damn you all know how insensitive that is to assume a woman is pregnant? Can sis just be glowing cus she happy? Tummy can’t be on full? Dammmmnnnnn mind y’ all bidnesss! Lmfaoo Happy birthday.🙂"

This Instagram user said it was a publicity stunt and added: "Come on... she's not pregnant... CB new album is coming.. there has to be some PR done lol."

A fifth supporter shared: “I’m so blessed with the most beautiful gift I could ever asked for” guys she’s obviously pregnant. Say congratulations and keep it pushing! By the way she it’s a virgin Daiquiri she’s drinking. Look in the next pic. You can see her belly and tell she’s pregnant."

Chris is starting a new chapter and seems more mature.

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