Chris Brown's GF, Ammika Harris, Stirs Up New Pregnancy Rumors With Recent Photos -- Is That A Baby Bump?

Chris Brown's GF, Ammika Harris, Stirs Up New Pregnancy Rumors With Recent Photos -- Is That A Baby Bump?
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On and off and back on again -- this is perhaps the best way to describe the way Ammika Harris has been treating her fans with regards to her rumored pregnancy, and she has certainly done her best to make it hard for people to figure out what is going on.

Harris has been surrounded continuously by rumors indicating that she might be expecting a baby with Chris Brown. While she has played to that rumors in various ways over the months, she has not made any official announcements confirming or denying the statements.

Recently, she seems to be pushing things back into a positive direction yet again, as she has given her fans new reasons to believe that she might be expecting a child.

A recent shot of her gave the implication that she was trying to hide a baby bump. As can be expected, this immediately generated a wave of discussion online, with many people talking about the possible revelation and whether it could be true or not.

Harris herself has been relatively quiet on the situation, though, only making small references to the rumors without doing anything to confirm or deny them.

She has been known for enjoying these types of games with her fans, so it would not be surprising if she decided to push this even further in the near future.

It would be interesting to see how she would announce an actual pregnancy if things came to that, though, after all of this.

One follower said this about the baby bump: "I can see the baby bump👀👀."

This person stated: "Omg, This woman is just insane!!! Beyond stunning, so naturally pretty! Would love to be nosey and see them more as a couple, but it’s understandable they want to keep it private; they are such a good looking couple. 🥰😍"

Another commenter wrote: "There’s no relationship that’s why it’s barely pictured. No, technically she had a bump in may so she would have been pregnant march / April..that baby would of been born now or soon."

This social media user said: "I doubt it; they have a lovely relationship, don’t post on social media for it be real hun."

Brown and Harris have been good at playing this game.

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