Chris Brown's Fan Is Concerned After Baby Mama Ammika Harris Posted These Videos

Chris Brown's Fan Is Concerned After Baby Mama Ammika Harris Posted These Videos
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No matter what Ammika Harris does, she is under fire for it. This week, Chris Brown 's baby mama took to social media, where she posted a few videos of her adorable son, Aeko, playing in what she described as a capsule.

The child looked delighted as he sat and rolled around. The happy mom captioned the clips: "Test riding his capsule."

One critic called out Ammika for this reason: "He is so skinny!😢" Many fans stepped in to defend Ammika and said that she is doing a great job as a first-time mom.

A second commenter stated: "Stop... You have a fake page to get negative attention, and you should be more concerned about yourself and whatever it is, making YOU so upset that you feel the need to be rude. Not all babies are chunky, and he looks tall. He looks WELL taken care of and loved."

A third follower claimed: "A whole woman is trying to shame a baby😓. Not all babies are born fat. Moreso, he's going to the active stage, which means he is already having the athletic body.😍😍😍"

This backer stated: "He is absolutely gorgeous and not skinny ATALL! Some babies are chunky; some are slimmer frames! I can imagine, especially with Chris Brown, as his father, he eats VERY well! And well looked after by you, on your photos and videos, he seems a happy little fellow!"

Another person explained: "He is probably long! My son wasn't the fattest but was very long!!! @ammikaaa, you keep doing what you're doing, he is one happy baby 😍😍 The world is just full of negative people and too quick to judge, this is just sad...very sad!!"

This supporter shared: "How are you going to body shame a baby? Lmao. My daughter and first son were skinny as infants, and now my 3rd son is super chunky. You posted a comment on a platform where everyone can respond and share their opinions about what you said. If you can't take the heat, do not comment and remove yourself from the situation YOU put yourself."

A seventh comment read: "He has an athletic build already. You are absolutely correct, and all babies are not fat." Cmon girl, you are better than this comment... He is beautiful."

Ammika decided to answer the critic by saying: "not all babies have baby fat. 🤓"

The model seems not to have to play with critics.

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