Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Wears The Bare Minimum In Her Latest Sun-Kissed Photos

Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Wears The Bare Minimum In Her Latest Sun-Kissed Photos
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While in Germany, Ammika Harris is sunbathing, showing off her fantastic figure just months after giving birth to her son, Aeko Brown.

The model, who shares a baby boy with singer Chris Brown, took to social media where she posted a series of gorgeous photos of herself where she is wearing a crop top and unbuttoned jeans.

The mother of one happily flaunted her flat stomach and killer curves. Fans are beyond impressed by Ammika's natural beauty.

This follower had this reaction: "It’s pictures like these, where you do the bare minimum, that you look at your very best. That natural beauty is endless. 🔥🔥🔥"

Another commenter had this to say: "When he likes a photo of you, you send the same but another position @ammikaaaThe Magic Golden Hour😘. The sun must have been bright based on the third pic😂❤️."

This backer asked: "Is Chris coming over?.... Are you ready for the magic? Girl, you a golden goddess 😭♥️ is tour hair naturally curly? cause it is sooo cute in this picture with no effort. 😍"

A fourth supporter revealed: "You are so calm about everything & you remain confident regardless of what the hateful things comment about you. I look up to that personality of yours sis. Keep it up because there's us people who actually love you for how strong you are❤️❤️❤️. They are the Rock sis.❤️❤️"

A fifth observer chimed in: "Still wearing your bikini 👙 , I see, I tried that it’s a NO for me!! So well, I’m wearing a tracksuit right now that I brought one size up for comfort lol."

Chris, who is California, is said to be eager to see his son, Aeko, who is stuck in Germany with mom Ammika.

A source close to the artist said this on the matter: “Chris is confident that Ammika and his son will be back in the states soon enough, and he can’t wait to hold them again. Chris loves them both so much, and they are everything to him. He knows they’re doing well in Germany and have a lot of support there from Ammika’s family too. Chris is constantly getting updates on how they’re doing, and he loves seeing how much his son is growing up. Chris knows what an amazing mom Ammika is, and he’s completely confident that she’s taking amazing care of Aeko while they’re in Germany.”

Ammika and Chris are doing well as co-parents.

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