Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Hints They Are Back Together With These Private Photos

Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Hints They Are Back Together With These Private Photos
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This week, Ammika Harris took to social media where she shared several personal pictures, including a special drawing that hints that she is indeed back with her baby daddy, Chris Brown.

The model, who is currently in Germany with her baby boy, Aeko, posted a photo in a revealing top. She also shared a lovely drawing of a couple holding hands, and fans believe it is a portrait of her and Chris.

She captioned one photo: "Glad I've found you." For the other post, she wrote: "Take a risk and go for what you love cc: @tinycactus."

A fan, who is eager to see the couple back together, asked: "Beautiful, ❤️ will you be moving back to LA once everything dies down?"

One person, who seems to know about Ammika's private life, said: "She's not a citizen she was on a work visa, but that expired last year, and she'll have to wait for Aeko to be 18 to get a green card to live LA and even if she goes back she'll be going back and forth she'll only stay for three months them come back."

Another fan stated: "You know anything about immigration laws, and I don't believe you do. Do some research first, and if I'm correct, she is an American citizen already or dual citizenship.doubt that this information you have been given is accurate, there is soo much speculation about this girl and no one actually knows the truth. I say it's good to hear it from the person directly, then that's valid information. Wow, how she going to be with him when the whole world is on lockdown."

This backer shared: "Love how people speculate on someone else's life...unless you she verbally says it this opinion is not valid, it's just an opinion get your facts right."

A source recently spoke to Hollywood Life and revealed this: "Chris and Ammika have definitely reconnected again during this quarantine because they're able to focus on each other without so much distraction from the outside world. Chris and Ammika had a lot going on when she left for Germany, so being in isolation has allowed them to get to know each other again in away. They've always been FaceTiming so Chris can see Aeko and get updates on how his son is doing, but he and Ammika are connecting more too, and this time apart has been perfect for them."

Will the two co-parents stay together?

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