Chris Brown Ordered To Pay $35,000 For His Illegal Pet Money's Caretakers

Chris Brown Ordered To Pay $35,000 For His Illegal Pet Money's Caretakers
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Page Six reported that Chris Brown was recently ordered to give up the ownership rights to one of his pets, a monkey named Fiji. The singer came to an agreement with the LA district attorney's office regarding his illegal pet capuchin.

The pop star has to enter a diversion program and will also manage to avoid time behind bars claims a new report from TMZ. Initially, Brown was up against six months in jail after he was slapped with two misdemeanor charges for buying the monkey without the proper authorization two years ago.

Back in 2018, Brown posted a picture of his pet monkey on social media and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife launched an investigation into the matter, ultimately concluding that the animal was one of the "restricted species."

Mr. Brown, as a result, gave up his pet but has to pay an additional $35,000 to store the monkey. Additionally, Brown is prohibited from breaking any laws in the next six months. Previously, TMZ reported that Brown wanted to own a monkey because he had heard Michael Jackson owned one named Bubbles.

This wouldn't be the first time Chris upset someone this year. Earlier in 2019, Chris sparked controversy among his and Rihanna's fans on social media when she posted several comments on her Instagram page, one where Rihanna was marketing her new lingerie brand.

Brown pled guilty to assaulting Rihanna in 2009 and was slapped with a sentence of six months in community service and another five years of probation. He had been fighting with other performers as well including Drake in 2012, and Frank Ocean in the following year.

In 2013, he was hit with more charges as well. Furthermore, Chris was accused of rape by a woman in France in January but was subsequently released from jail due to insufficient evidence. Afterward, Chris began marketing and promoting a t-shirt that had the words, "that B*tch is lying," written on it.

Even Justin Bieber came out afterward and supported Chris on social media amid the allegations.

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