Cheater David Beador's GF Lesley Cook Shames Walmart Employee And Proudly Posts The Video On Social Media

Cheater David Beador's GF Lesley Cook Shames Walmart Employee And Proudly Posts The Video On Social Media
Credit: Source: Instagram

David Beador’s girlfriend Lesley Cook probably won’t be going back to Walmart any time soon. Cook went shopping at a local Walmart in Irvine California when she got into a major argument with staff members, who were simply checking her purchased items at the door.

Anyone who has shopped at Walmart knows that it is standard procedure for employees to check customer carts as they leave the store. The policy is meant to deter theft and is supposed to be a random thing.

But Cook was apparently unaware of the policy and freaked out after the poor employee tried to check her receipt against what was in her cart. According to All About The Real Housewives , Cook shamed the employee for accusing her of stealing and immediately asked to see her manager.

Once the manager arrived on scene, Cook went on a tirade about how, based on her looks, the employee should have never accused her of stealing.

“Do I look like someone who would steal? Cook shouted at the employees. “I live in a $15 million home in Laguna Beach, is this a f**king joke right now?”

Cook posted video of the encounter on social media and seemed proud that she shamed the lowly employees. She also assured fans that she has not shopped at Walmart in several years and had serious doubts about doing it. Based on what happened, it’s pretty clear that Cook will not be going back.

Cook is currently in a relationship with Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador’s ex-husband. As fans are well aware, Shannon cut ties with David after she caught him cheating with another woman .

David Beador’s romance with Cook has moved fast over the past few months. Not only have they gone on multiple vacations around the world, but Cook has become an active part of his children’s lives, which hasn’t always sat well with Shannon.

Shannon Beador has not commented on Lesley Cook’s meltdown at Walmart, but there is a strong chance that we have not heard the last of it.


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