Celebrities React To Hateful Attack On Jussie Smollett With Outrage & Support On Twitter

Celebrities React To Hateful Attack On Jussie Smollett With Outrage & Support On Twitter
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Celebrities are taking to Twitter to express their outrage and support for actor Jussie Smollett after he was the victim of a heinous attack. There is nothing but love for the Empire star. As news of the homophobic and racist attack against him spread, stars are using social media to state enough is enough.

Smollett's Empire costar Vivica A. Fox sent out a call for justice as she admitted to being hurt and angry. The actress called on her followers to spread love not hate. She let her fans know it was time to stop the nastiness and sent prayers out to her friend as he recovers.

Shonda Rhimes reminded her 1.8 million followers that they all had a responsibility to rise up regarding hate and ignorance. The Grey's Anatomy creator also requested that if anyone knew who hurt Smollett to report them to the police. It should go without saying any information about the attack needs to be turned over the Chicago Police Department. However, a little reminder from a famous face never hurt!

Along with the outrage, and request to be kind and loving, several stars have expressed their prayers and support for the actor. Singer John Legend was one of the first to send love and prayers to Jussie and his family, as well as his hopes that justice prevails in this horrible situation.

22-year-old singer and actress Zendaya, retweeted a message from the Chicago Police Department regarding the vicious attack on Smollett . She also pleaded with her almost 15 million followers to pay attention to what was going on and sent her love to the actor. Her message hit home with people, as the comments were flooded with remarks doing better as a human race.

Viola Davis Tweeted that everyone needs to take racist and homophobic acts of violence personally. The How To Get Away With Murder star also reminded her followers that attacks like the one on Smollett are why the LGBTQ continues to fight against hate.

As the social media posts began to cumulate, they were all filled with love, support, and prayers for Smollett. The celebrities Tweets are the ones making headlines, but social media also consists of an outpour of mixed emotion regarding the vile attack. People are sickened, heartbroken, angry, mad and want justice as new details continue to emerge.


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