Ryan Edwards And Mackenzie Standifer - Will She Leave Him While The Teen Mom Star Is In Jail?

Ryan Edwards And Mackenzie Standifer - Will She Leave Him While The Teen Mom Star Is In Jail?
Credit: Source: notifeed.net

Fans of Teen Mom have been wondering whether or not Mackenzie will end up leaving her husband Ryan Edwards while he’s spending time behind bars. As you may know, the man was arrested and won’t be released before the month of April!

One source tells HollywoodLife that this latest arrest has been ‘very hard’ on Mackenzie, so will she pack her bags and leave her hubby while he’s serving his relatively short sentence?

Edwards is set to be away from his wife and 3 month old baby boy, Jagger for about two months and a half, which might not be a lot but when it’s a repeated offense and you also have an infant at home, it matters a lot!

Apparently, the man was arrested for theft under $1000 after forgetting to pay for six whiskeys at a bar and drunk dashing.

That being said, his small offense violated his probation over possession of heroin back in 2017.

One insider tells the outlet that ‘This is devastating for Mackenzie, to have Ryan looked up again and away from her and the kids is almost too much to handle. You have to understand how hard this all is on her though. Believe me, a part of her wants to just lay down in bed and stay there.’

However, there is no reason to worry since apparently, ‘she has no plans to leave Ryan. She is standing by him and believes that they will overcome this together. [That is because] she has young children to remain strong for and that is what is keeping her going. [As a result] she will not let her sorrow get the best of her because she knows they need a strong mommy and that is what she is.’

And she is supposedly not staying only for the two children as the source explained that she believes in Ryan and loves him very much.


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