Casey Affleck Supports #MeToo Despite Past Allegations - Says The Narrative Surrounding His Character Isn't The Truth

Casey Affleck Supports #MeToo Despite Past Allegations - Says The Narrative Surrounding His Character Isn't The Truth
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According to a report from Page Six, Casey Affleck, despite the sexual misconduct allegations against him, is a big supporter of the #MeToo movement, even though some people might argue otherwise. While appearing on Dax Sheperd's Armchair Expert podcast, the star rhetorically asked, "who would not be supportive of the #MeToo movement?"

Affleck said to the host of the podcast that he was raised with the values of the #MeToo movement, it's "baked into my own value system." Moreover, his reputation as someone who sexually harasses women is not representative of who he really is, and that's very frustrating for him.

The smartest thing for Casey to do, the actor began, was to just be quiet and quietly support the movement. Casey believed his presence as a supporter would likely stir up controversy and create opposition, which were not his intentions.

As it was previously reported, Casey was accused by producer, Amanda White, of making sexually motivated passes at her while on set during the creation of I'm Still Here,  starring Joaquin Phoenix.  Among White's accusations made in the $2 million lawsuit, were claims that he slept in her bed with other women and sent abusive text messages.

Moreover, she accused him of demanding a crew member to show his genitals to her without consent. Magdalena Gorka, the cinematographer, sued the actor/director as well for $2.25 million, claiming that he came into her bed without consent and touched her while she was sleeping.

Magdalena claims Affleck refused to give her payment or credit after she left the production. At the moment, Affleck is promoting his latest movie, Light Of My Life, which is inspired by the #MeToo movement.

Affleck was marred by controversy amid the #MeToo movement when he was supposed to present the Best Actress award at the Academy Awards in 2018 but had to step down as the movement began to pick up steam, and old allegations came to the forefront again.

Since then, the actor-director has stayed relatively silent until now. Other entertainers to lay low following a misconduct controversy was Aziz Ansari, who didn't show up to the SAG Awards due to the essay written about him.

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