Halle Berry Says She Regrets Not Adding More Kids To The Family - Here's Why She Didn't!

Halle Berry Says She Regrets Not Adding More Kids To The Family - Here's Why She Didn't!
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Halle Berry is a mother of two and loves her kids a lot but as it turns out, the 52 year old wishes she had more! The reason? The actress explained, while chatting with InStyle that as far as she is concerned, she is the sexiest when she is expecting.

‘Honestly, I felt the sexiest during both of my pregnancies,’ she stated during the interview.

But as fans know, the star actually waited until her forties to start adding to her family so why did it take her so long to experience the ‘amazing’ feeling of being pregnant and sexy?

Her daughter, Nahla, is now 11 years old as she welcomed her in 2008 and her son, Maceo, is 5, born in 2013.

Looking back, the actress regrets waiting so long to get pregnant with them.

‘Around the time of my third In Style cover, back in 2007, I became a mother at 40. Knowing someone would always be counting on me made me a much better person. I am more focused and in line with all my values and goals. I stopped letting negativity get me down. Plus, I just loved being pregnant. Had I started earlier, I probably would've had five children,’ Halle said.

She went on: ‘Or if I had not been busy trying to make movies, I would've been the perfect surrogate. All of the hormones made me feel amazing. I felt so alive with my purpose and femininity. It felt like my body was just doing what it was built to do.’

Since her kids are growing up, it seems like they are starting to realize she is a famous star in Hollywood but Halle argued that the best job is motherhood.

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