Cardi B Posts Video Ranting About The Government Shutdown In Her Signature Way - ‘B***h I’m Scared’

Cardi B Posts Video Ranting About The Government Shutdown In Her Signature Way - ‘B***h I’m Scared’
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Cardi B usually stays away from politics as much as she can, but this situation was just too much for her not to comment on. As you may know, President Donald Trump has forced federal employees to go back to their jobs, with zero pay while the government is still shut down!

The female rapper just had to use her voice amid this political storm, but she still did it in her own Cardi B style.

In a video she posted earlier today on her Instagram account, the rapper told her followers: ‘Hey y’all I just wanted to remind ya, because it’s been a little over three weeks, okay…Trump is now ordering federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid.’

Indeed, yesterday, January, 15, The New York Times reported that Trump ordered ‘tens of thousands’ of federal employees to go back to work with no pay.

Anticipating that there would be people reminding her there was a government shutdown during Barack Obama’s presidency in 2013 as well, Cardi warned her followers to not even make that comparison since the situation was different.

‘Now, I don’t want to hear y’all motherf***ers talking about ‘Oh, but Obama shut down the government for 17 days’ — yeah b*tch. For healthcare. So your grandma could check her blood pressure and you b*tches could check out your p*ssies at the gynecologist,’ the rapper said in her signature way.

The star made it clear that she wants solutions and that people take it seriously even though many fans may not care about the shutdown.

While she encouraged everyone to ‘take action’ Cardi admitted that it’s not exactly her field so she has no idea what to do.

‘B*tch I’m scared. This is crazy,’ she also confessed before talking about how bad she feels for the federal employees having to go back to work for free.

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