Cardi B Gets Emotional Hearing Daughter Say 'Mama' - See The Video!

Cardi B Gets Emotional Hearing Daughter Say 'Mama' - See The Video!
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After calling for her father first, it was Cardi B’s turn to be called ‘mama’ by her bundle of joy, Kulture and it is safe to say that the rapper got very emotional hearing that word from her. It turns out that winning Best Rap Album at the Grammy Awards was not the only great thing that happened to Cardi last night!

The star took to social media early this morning to share a clip of her baby daughter saying ‘mama’ for the first time ever!

The female emcee has been looking forward to hearing her say ‘mama’ since she revealed that she’s already a pro at saying ‘papa.’

So after anxiously waiting for the seven-month-old baby to also say ‘mama,’ it is only natural that it made her tear up.

‘After a week of only saying papa! She saying mama! Happy 7 months Kulture! We love you @offsetyrn @hennessycarolina @melo9.11,’ the proud mother wrote in the post’s caption.

This was definitely the only moment that could have topped her winning a Grammy!

That being said, Cardi also made sure to mention Kulture in her acceptance speech.

‘I want to thank my daughter. I am not just saying thank you because she is my daughter. It is because, when I found out that I was pregnant, my album was not yet complete. We were like, 'We have to get this done, so I could still do videos while I am still not showing. And it was very long nights,’ she said.

Furthermore, she proved that she and Offset are back together by packing the PDA on the red carpet an also thanking him in her speech: ‘You husband, thank you. Seriously, he was like, 'You wanna do this album, girl. You are going to have this baby, and we are going to make this album.’’

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