Can Donald Trump Pick His Own Daughter Tiffany Trump Out Of A Crowd? President's Secretary Madeleine Westerhout Out!

Can Donald Trump Pick His Own Daughter Tiffany Trump Out Of A Crowd? President's Secretary Madeleine Westerhout Out!
Credit: Source: Tiffany Trump/Instagram

Donald Trump's personal secretary Madeleine Westerhout is out after getting drunk and spilling the tea on a lot of inside, personal business that Donald Trump had to go forward and publicly deny — including claims he thinks his youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump is fat. According to reports, Madeleine Westerhout, who is only 28-years-old went out to dinner with some reporters for the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Washington Post, and Reuters, according to the Daily Mail, and while speaking off the record, drank too much and then began talking about the President's personal life and his children. Reports indicate she also made statements about Barron Trump.

President Trump not only fired Madeleine Westerhout after the truth came out, he publicly revealed that he loves Tiffany and was planning to speak to her as soon as possible. President Trump said that the comments Westerhout made were completely false and he doesn't think his daughter is fat. Madeleine Westerhout served as Donald Trump's personal secretary since his inauguration. Trump said that the claims Westerhout made were absolutely false and he said Tifanny was a great person.

Reports indicate that Barron Trump's eating habits were part of the off-record conversation but just what Westerhout may have said hasn't been publicized.

You may see the Daily Mail's report below.

Now that Westerhout is out, it's unclear who is going to take her place. The claims that Tiffany Trump was overweight, therefore President Trump doesn't like to be photographed with her were immediately denied by the president. There are photos of President Trump with Tiffany and he doesn't look displeased when standing next to his daughter taking pictures. Still, there are many who are now reaching out to Tiffany offering her their emotional support as they believe she is being fat-shamed by her father.

Donald Trump was on his way to Camp David for the weekend and he stated he plans to speak to Tiffany Trump as soon as he arrived. It's unclear whether the President was able to speak to his daughter yet or if he plans to arrange for some quality time with her to ensure their relationship is healthy and strong.


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