Brittney Taylor Shows Her Black Eye After Claiming Remy Ma Punched Her - See The Photo

Brittney Taylor Shows Her Black Eye After Claiming Remy Ma Punched Her - See The Photo
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It was recently reported that Remy Ma is currently under investigation . Love and Hip Hop: New York ’s Brittney Taylor accused Remy Ma of punching her.

According to New York Daily news, Remy is now under investigation by the NYPD for these claims.

TSR wrote that Brittney has apparently retained a lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, who claims that ‘She (Brittney) wants Remy Ma prosecuted for what she did to her.’

Now, Brittney shared a photo of her black eye, and you can check it out below.

The truth is that people are not too supportive of her these days after she accused Remy.

Someone said 'I wonder how many pics she took before she was like yea that’s the one. 😂'

Another commenter believes that she's flaunting this whole thing a bit too much: 'Is it just me or she milking this thing out a little much?'

Someone else said that 'Sis is acting like she been in a 10-year abusive relationship.'

A person wrote that 'She is suing over a punch in the face... 😭 what’s going on man y’all getting soft out there in New York.'

A commenter is also not here for Brittney: 'We have seen it already girl 🙄 she look like she in the principal office after she got beat up.'

What do you think about this whole mess?

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  • Tiffany sky
    Tiffany sky Apr 21, 2019 3:21 PM PDT

    She shouldn't be acting hard remy ma is my favorite out of the everyone on the planet talk **** get poped point blank . she tried to act hard that what she gets #remymathebest

  • LL
    LL Apr 21, 2019 5:57 AM PDT

    I can't believe half the stuff I'm reading right now what is wrong with America really Remy MA has no business putting her hands or any body, especially if you are still on probation, to me she's is still the same bully she use to be, Karma is a B. So I guess you didn't learn from the brat or Keisha Coles or Mike Tyson Black Ink or Chicago Ink, people will lock you up you can't go around fighting people because somebody you think did something. Black people are getting just like these good ole white folks put your hands on me and I will lock your *** up. They going to learn today. Stop with all this violence. I'm Embarrass this is why we are not respected. Laws are in order for stuff like this. Talk with your mouth not your hands period.

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