Remy Ma Is Reportedly Under Investigation - She Allegedly Punched Love & Hip Hop NY Castmate Brittney Taylor

Remy Ma Is Reportedly Under Investigation - She Allegedly Punched Love & Hip Hop NY Castmate Brittney Taylor
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Remy Ma seems to be having some troubles these days, according to the latest reports. The Shade Room released some new info on what's been going on.

Not too long ago, it has been reported that Love and Hip Hop: New York’s Brittney Taylor accused Remy Ma of punching her.

According to New York Daily news, Remy is now under investigation by the NYPD for these claims.

TSR writes that Brittney has apparently retained a lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, who claims that 'She (Brittney) wants Remy Ma prosecuted for what she did to her.'

It was also reported that so far, Remy has not been charged, but it seems that on the other hand, there is an open investigation into these claims.

'Remy is still on parole until August 1st of this year,' TSR writes.

People have contradictory opinions on the matter, and this can be easily seen in the comments.

Someone said that they 'Can't stand a chick that wanna talk...then when she gets bopped in the head she gets a lawyer....GTFOH.'

Another follower is more pacifistic: 'Call me a punk but I’m not fighting anybody those days are over!!! I tell my daughters all the time one wrong punch can ruin your whole life. I got too much to lose!! I’m calling detective Hank Voight 🤷🏾‍♀️'

A follower said 'She is a thug and Wil always be. Nicki would never,' while someone else feels a bit different: 'Wait, so she attacks people on tv and they don’t press charges, but the minute someone treats her the way she treats others she presses charges?!?'

A commenter also believed that 'Some people will strategically provoke you just so that you can lose what you’ve worked so hard to get.'

Anyway, it's a pity that this happened, especially with Remy saying that we should all try to be the best versions of ourselves, following Nipsey Hussle's death.

She was not able to attend the memorial service, but she took to social media to say out loud what many people have been thinking.

Remy feels that Nipsey’s death was supposed to touch people all around the planet to realign their purpose in life.

She said she plans to be the best version of herself , love her man more than before, and help her community to advance.


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