Britney Spears Insults Fans Theorizing Topless Pic She Posted Is Not Of Her But That Only Has Them More Convinced!

Britney Spears Insults Fans Theorizing Topless Pic She Posted Is Not Of Her But That Only Has Them More Convinced!
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Britney Spears took to her platform to share a picture that showed her posing topless with her back turned to the camera a couple of days ago! However, this caused many of her fans to have doubts that it was even the singer since her face could not be seen!

Some even pointed out that since she was topless, some of her ink should have been visible in the photo if it were really her.

'Where are the tattoos?' one user questioned while others were simply convinced it wasn't her.

In response, Britney returned to her platform to tell the supposed haters to 'kiss [her] a**!'

But that only caused even more people to think it wasn't she posting at all since they know the singer not to be this aggressive online.

As for the tattoo that many of her followers brought up as proof it could not have been her in the topless pic, you may know that she has a flower fairy tattoo on the lower back as well as a Hebrew on her neck which means healing.

But, as you might have figured out, there was no ink on her skin in the picture she posted.

Before her direct response to the doubts and theories, she posted an illustration of a girl with some flowers and alongside it, she wrote: 'Our Father who ART in Heaven HALLOWED BE THY NAME !! Pssss you better F***ING BELIEVE IT !!!!'

This seemed to be a reference to her fans not believing she was the one in the pic, which is worrisome since she is currently in a conservatorship she has called 'controlling' and 'abusive.'

In fact, this would not be the first time that fans theorize her social media posts are not shared by her and that someone else controls her account.

Earlier today, she finally addressed the latest concerns by posting an image of a woman showing the middle finger.

She explained that 'Ok so ... I edited my tattoo on my neck out cause I wanted to see what it'd look like clean [shrugging emojis.] And yeah I like it better so while you are talking behind my back go ahead and kiss my a** haters [kissing emoji] [peach emoji] !!!!!!'

Of course, not only did that fail to explain the disappearance of the other tattoo, fans were quick to argue that the real Britney does not have such a rude attitude.


Here are some of their shocked comments: 'Huh?' / 'Britney would never.' / 'Britney is never this rude.'

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