Britney Spears Breaks Her Foot On Camera While Dancing And The Snapping Sound Is Terrifying!

Britney Spears Breaks Her Foot On Camera While Dancing And The Snapping Sound Is Terrifying!
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Britney Spears was happy to dance again after not doing it in months and she took to social media to share the moment of bliss. However, it quickly turned into something else entirely – a painful nightmare!

The singer was dancing her heart out on camera and looked very happy doing it

At the end of the clip, however, she broke her foot and you can actually hear it! Ouch!

Fans were excited to see the dancing number until the twist happened!

As you can imagine, pretty much everyone who stumbled upon the video cringed at the loud sound of her foot breaking as Britney can be seen falling to the ground and holding the limb in pain.

Before the accident, the artist was having the time of her life dancing to Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon.

Spears can be seen twirling around in circles and whipping her hair around as well, obviously letting her body just enjoy the tune and express itself.

It was not really a choreo but more of a freestyle expression of her joy that she was back to dancing after months.

The singer, who was wearing a yellow sports bra that put her abs on display and black shorts at the time, was jumping up and down at some point and the sudden high impact of her bare feet with the floor caused her to injure herself, breaking her foot.

A loud snap can be heard towards the end of the clip and it just sounds so painful!

In the caption, she explained that β€˜I haven’t danced in six months so I was full throttle at this spot 🏎πŸ’₯πŸ’ƒπŸΌ !!!! And yes …. I know I’m barefoot …. don’t laugh but I grip the floor better that way !!!! PS you can hear where I broke my foot here πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ ….. sorry it’s kind of loud !!!!!’

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