Brandy Pays Tribute To Her Prom Date Kobe Bryant Following His Untimely Death

Brandy Pays Tribute To Her Prom Date Kobe Bryant Following His Untimely Death
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Brandy has a very special memory with the late Kobe Bryant and she took to social media to pay a heartbreaking tribute to the late legend. As it turns out, she was his date to his high school prom back in 1996, at a time when she did not know who he was.

Her post follows the tragic death of Kobe and his 13 year old daughter Gianna in a helicopter crash that also killed seven more people.

Brandy posted a picture that featured Kobe embracing his second born as she leans into him, lovingly.

Alongside it, she wrote: ‘Never will I understand. My condolences to @vanessabryant , to the entire family, and all [who are] in pain during this tragic time. Love ♥️ #Mamba #Mambacita.’

As mentioned before, the singer and the basketball player go way back to when they were both high school kids!

Apparently, Kobe asked Brandy to his senior prom in 1996 after they met at a Nike All-Star Basketball game.

Brandy had already dropped her debut album two years earlier and upon casually meeting her, it seems like Kobe was head over heels!

During an interview for the New York Daily News, Brandy recalled that: ‘He asked me to prom with him, and because he was a really nice guy…I asked my mom [if I could], and she said yes.’

At the time, her mom also dished to the same news outlet that: ‘I said I do not know this guy. I really had no idea who he was. And then Brandy said, ‘He is a basketball player.’…I liked he had involved parents and was doing well academically…He seemed to be a good kid. He was level-headed and grounded. And I said OK.’

The, at the time, 17 year olds looked great for prom with Kobe rocking a tuxedo and Brandy a gorgeous champagne gown created by Moschino.

She also rocked a shawl over it and had long braids.

Later, she told TMZ that she still had that dress as it was a great reminder of what was a ‘special night.’

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