Taylor Swift Takes Aim At Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn In Neftflix Doc

Taylor Swift Takes Aim At Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn In Neftflix Doc
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Taylor Swift just dropped a brand new documentary on Netflix called Miss Americana , in which she explores some of the more controversial aspects of her career, and even her personal relationships. The Reputation artist also touched on politics.

According to Salon, Swift takes shots at the Republican Senator of Tennessee, Marsha Blackburn, comparing her to Donald Trump. A scene from her doc shows the Lover singer reacting to Blackburn's victory during the 2018 race.

Blackburn became the first female senator to represent the state of Tennessee, Swift's home. Blackburn is also from the state. Swift points out the purported irony that a woman whose politics and policies are reminiscent of Trump was going to be the first female senator.

The singer-songwriter solemnly joked that she was like "Trump in a wig." Swift claimed Marsha Blackburn was catering to a "1950s world" where women are held to old-school standards and social norms. Additionally, Swift took a shot at Blackburn for her vote against the Violence Against Women act and same-sex marriage.

Taylor claims her policies were like a violation of "basic human rights," and she hated the way the politician framed her views as if they were "Tennessee Christian Values." Earlier today, Taylor was in the media once again for her new documentary which began streaming on Netflix today.

Followers of the singer will remember back in 2018 when she publicly denounced the policies of Marsha Blackburn, the Republican nominee who was pining for the senator position at the time.

After years of staying away from politics, a time during which she was criticized by other celebrities, Taylor finally announced her support for the Democratic nominee in the senate. She urged her fans to vote on social media, which also led to a massive spike in voter registration in her native Tennessee.


However, it didn't work out in her favor, because despite the increased voter registration, Marsha Blackburn still won. It's hard to say why the increase in voter registration didn't lead to a win for the Democratic nominee.

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