Brandy Norwood And Her Daughter, Sy'rai Iman Smith, Debut Gorgeous New Hairstyles In Photos After Commenting On Kim Kardashian's Braids

Brandy Norwood And Her Daughter, Sy'rai Iman Smith, Debut Gorgeous New Hairstyles In Photos After Commenting On Kim Kardashian's Braids
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Brandy Norwood's latest activity on Instagram put the "Sittin' up In My Room" performer in the spotlight of the popular social media platform, as she sizzled in a new colorful selfie.

In the snap, the famous R&B singer and actress wished her fans a "happy Sunday" with the caption, and she looked amazing in a cozy black robe from Versace.

In addition, Brandy's hair was done in numerous tiny golden braids, which she accessorized with a couple of decorative butterflies in bright colors.

The singer also did her makeup accordingly, as she sported a bright yellow eye-shadow in combination with pink nuances, and for her lips, she preferred a fresh shade of pink.

The post was quickly noticed by the "What About Us?" singer's supporters , and a lot of fans took to the comment section to praise the musician for her incredible style. Brandy's daughter, Sy'rai Iman Smith, also debuted a new hairstyle.

One follower remarked that Brandy was beautiful on both the inside and outside and wrote that she was "one in a million and such a blessing," while another stated, "I was literally just thinking of you and the first beautiful face I see when I open my Instagram, I love you Bran, your biggest fan forever."

Others complimented the 41-year-old diva for her braided hair and how this style suited her perfectly.

The brunette made headlines recently when she appeared in an episode of The Talk with her equally famous brother, Ray J, where the siblings openly defended Kim Kardashian for wearing braids from time to time, despite drawing negative comments of cultural appropriation.

According to Brandy, Kardashian was not guilty of that, and people were judging her too harshly.

Brandy stated: "I don't think that she's guilty. I definitely believe in that, but I think it's reaching a little bit for people to say that. She's uhh…yeah. I mean, it's great. I love braids. I think everybody should have braids, but I think we're going a little too far with that with her."

Ray J also shared his thoughts by saying: "Here's what I think. I just think that if you are paying homage to another culture by rocking the braids, I think it's a compliment. It should be looked at as 'It's going global. I think where you get up, and you look good, and you feel good, and other people are like, 'Hey, I wanna look like that, I wanna feel like that,' it should be a compliment and a plug."

The Star actress is always growing her presence on social media.

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