Brad Pitt Can't Wait To Spend Christmas With The Kids This Year - Details!

Brad Pitt Can't Wait To Spend Christmas With The Kids This Year - Details!
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Christmas may be right around the corner but Brad Pitt still can barely wait! The reason is that the actor is apparently super excited to spend the holidays with his and Angelina Jolie’s six kids!

At the end of the day, regardless of their personal and legal war, both parents want the best for their young ones which is why the winter holidays are a great opportunity to press pause on their drama and cherish the moments with the kids – Brad, in particular, since he gets to see them less often than Angie.

One insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘Brad is busy getting ready for award season and looking forward to all of that but he is very interested in relaxing during the holiday season and see his kids. He will make it personal as he, like all greats dads, cherish moments like this — and this will be no different. He just wants them to be happy this holiday season and he will be happy spending time with them. He is looking forward to a great normal holiday with no drama.’

They went on to make it very clear that Angelina also agrees ‘it’s important for the kids to see their dad for Christmas so she’s made sure to be in L.A. for the holidays so that can happen. They will share time with the kids equally over Christmas, that is how they did it last year and this year will not be any different.’

This makes it seem like the former actor pair has learned to work together better in the last couple of years since back in 2017, they both made separate plans with their kids.

In other words, while Jolie wanted to take them on vacation, Brad wanted to spend Christmas all together in L.A. at the time.

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