Whitney Cummings Says Her Intern Reported Her To HR For Saying 'Merry Christmas'

Whitney Cummings Says Her Intern Reported Her To HR For Saying 'Merry Christmas'
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During a conversation with Conan O'Brien this past Wednesday, the comedienne, Whitney Cummings, revealed an intern working alongside her on  Roseanne filed a complaint against her in the HR department for wishing her a "Merry Christmas."

Page six reported the story earlier today. When asked what she thought about the holiday season, Whitney admitted one of the most stressful parts about it were the precarious language in addition to the shopping.

During her appearence on TBS' Conan , the actress/comic revealed that while she was working on Roseanne, she was reported by an intern for saying "Merry Christmas."

O'Brien asked her, "Is that true?" and she told him the story in detail. According to Cummings, she was on her way out of the building, and while saying goodbye to some of her co-workers, she threw in a "Merry Christmas" for good measure, however, after she came back in January, the HR department informed her of the intern's complaint.

As it was previously reported, Cummings was on the series, Roseanne , until she finally left. It was even before the show was officially canceled due to Roseanne's tweets regarding a former Obama aide. The comic claimed she didn't even care whether they had a good Christmas or not; it was more of a formality than anything else.

Mr. O'Brien explained that such a statement would easily trigger or offend people during times such as these. Additionally, the HR department informed her of the person's religious disposition, which was "agnostic."

You can hear Whitney tell the story herself in the video clip shown below:

As it was noted above, Whitney Cummings was involved in the Roseanne reboot, which was incredibly successful when it first came out.

However, it was subsequently canceled after Roseanne Barr, the creator of the show, referred to a former Barack Obama administration aide as a mixture between "planet of the apes" and the "Muslim brotherhood."

Immediately after the tweet made the rounds on the internet, Roseanne was canceled. Later, Barr sold off the rights to the TV show so ABC could continue with a spin-off titled, The Conners.

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