Bow Wow Body-Shames Wendy Williams And Gets Slammed By People

Bow Wow Body-Shames Wendy Williams And Gets Slammed By People
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Bow Wow wanted to get back on Wendy Williams after the host dragged him for disrespecting Ciara in the worst possible way. He posted a message on Twitter through which he is body shaming Wendy, and people reacted accordingly.

Yesterday, on July 28, Bow Wow used the 'hot girl summer' meme and found a picture of Wendy in a bathing suit and body-shamed her.

'They say it’s a hot girl summer,' Bow Wow wrote with a picture of Wendy as you can see below.

People defended Wendy and started bashing the rapper in the comments.

Somoene said, 'when u failed as a rapper, so you gotta turn to making fun of older (more successful) women on the TL 🤣🤣🤣 log out shad.'

One follower posted: 'bow wow hasn't had a hit since 2010 with Shortie Like Mine 🤣 & he pretty much rode Chris Brown's back through that whole song ... so yes, he failed lol.'

Another commenter wrote: 'He's been around since the early 2000's usually when you don't see rappers from that era appearing in modern times its because they made it not because the failed the unsuccessful ones stick around for as long as they can because they need to keep making money to live #facts.'

Someone else posted: 'he’s pretending to fly private jets while actually flying coach and he’s on a reality tv show on we tv lmaoooo he’s definitely not some super successful rapper that doesn’t need money.'

Speaking of people who are slamming Wendy, 50 Cent addressed the subject during a conversation with the online publication Hollywood Life.

He explained to the online magazine the fact that he simply doesn’t like her .

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