Bow Wow Addresses His Recent Controversial Performance

Bow Wow Addresses His Recent Controversial Performance
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Bow Wow performed in a location packed with people these days, and as expected, he received massive backlash. He now made sure to issue an apology and to share more thoughts with his fans and followers after what had happened.

He posted the following message:

H continued and said:

He also made sure to issue an apology, and you can check out his message below.

Bow Wow also said: 'My clip was the only clip to go viral and we know why. Anything with my name attached to it reads HEADLINES. Thats why they chose me. I understand this is what I signed up for. I can take all the heat and not sweat. Sorry for any confusion.'

A follower said: 'Starting a point with I apologize IF isn’t an apology, but ok. Maybe just make better judgement calls than attending shit like that during a pandemic? Woman shrugging I want to go party with friends too and see my damn family for the holidays, but I know better dude.'

Somoene else posted this: 'Absolutely right. The excuse of ppl saying that they have a choice is getting old, and it’s irresponsible to host a super spreader event period. It’s a slap in the face to the thousands who died, who are still dying and all of the front line workers.'


What do you think about all this mess around Bow Wow?

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