Black Eyed Peas Frontman Will.i.Am Accuses Flight Attendant In Social Media Rant

Black Eyed Peas Frontman Will.i.Am Accuses Flight Attendant In Social Media Rant
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Reported first by Page Six,, who is most famous for his role in the Black Eyed Peas, took to his Twitter account on Friday night to call out the behavior of a flight attendant who allegedly phoned the police on him during a Qantas flight from Brisbane to Sydney. After he got off the plane in Sydney, Australia, the police were there to meet him.

Reportedly, William Adams, famously known as, claimed the flight attendant asked him to please take off his headphones so he could hear all of the announcements on the plane, many of which were related to safety procedures.

Even though the 44-year-old claims he responded "quickly and politely," the stewardess, Lorraine Marshall, allegedly called the police on him which led to five police officers greeting him as he got off the plane from Brisbane to Sydney.

In a tweet aimed at Qantas, accused the woman of being a "racist flight attendant," and stated her behavior was rude and out of control. According to the multi-talented artist, the passengers on board all agreed that she was the one who was behaving out of line.

In another tweet, the Black Eyed Peas frontman claimed that she was on the plane giving every person there who wasn't white a "hard time." The rant lasted for a long time on his social media and consisted of more than two dozen tweets. However, to Adam's credit, he did ask for people to stop taunting her online.

In response to a fan who supposedly sent the flight attendant a hate-filled message, called for compassion and decency for others, adding that it was a "lack of compassion that caused this" in the first place.'s post included a screenshot of a message that the social media user had sent to the flight attendant, much of it containing expletives and other derogatory remarks, including the accusation that she thought she was better than everyone else because she's white.

As most know, this wouldn't be the first time that a celebrity has encountered challenges while flying. Migos, as well, took to their social media account in the past to accuse an airline of discriminating against them.

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