Bill Nye Slams Mask Detractors Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Bill Nye Slams Mask Detractors Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
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Bill Nye isn't happy with many people, a claim backed up by his new viral TikTok post. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Bill Nye The Science Guy recently slammed everyone out there in the United States who doesn't believe wearing a mask is important.

According to the outlet, cases in the USA are continuing to increase throughout the nation, despite the decrease in overall deaths, but health officials are still requesting the public to wear masks while out in public places.

HNHH claims Bill Nye appears to be one of the most passionate celebrities when it comes to mask-wearing. Last night, the star slammed mask detractors on his TikTok account.

Nye said in the video that face masks are effective because they stop particles in the air from entering a person's respiratory system. Nye went on to put on a mask, and then he tried to blow out a candle, just to show how the mask stopped airflow.

The television show host went on to say that if a person wears a mask, they're not only protecting themselves but also everyone around them. It's a "matter of life and death," the television personality explained.

While many people in the world aren't fond of wearing masks, the World Health Organization has argued that wearing one decreases one's chance of contracting the coronavirus by approximately 14%.

If you've been following the entertainment news headlines at all, you'd know that Nye isn't the only celebrity who believes masks are essential. Tom Hanks recently came out to say that he thought people not taking COVID-19 seriously was insane.

He argued that simply following precautionary measures like washing one's hands, wearing a mask, and social distancing, was the difference between prolonging the pandemic and saving thousands if not millions of lives.

As most know, Tom Hanks was one of the first celebrities to go public with the fact he contracted the coronavirus back in March. He and his wife caught the contagious respiratory illness earlier this year as the USA began locking down states.

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