Beyonce Sparks Pregnancy Speculations With This Picture!

Beyonce Sparks Pregnancy Speculations With This Picture!
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Is Beyonce about to add to the family again? Fans are convinced the superstar is pregnant with her rapper husband Jay Z’s fourth baby after she posted a new pic on social media!

The star poses for the photo in a purple and white dress and Queen Bey’s followers thought they saw the baby bump she was trying to hide in the said Gingham Wrap Dress.

That being said, they demanded to get answers as soon as possible!

That’s right! After Beyonce posted the pic on her platform of choice on August 7, the internet freaked out!

So are they right or not? Only time will tell, as for now, the artist is yet to address the speculations.

As for what made people think she was trying to hide her baby bump, it was the fact that she posed with her arms crossed and also had her matching purse placed seemingly strategically in front of her abdomen.

Beyonce and Jay Z are already the proud parents of 7 year old daughter Blue Ivy as well as 2 year old twin siblings Rumi and Sir so if she really is pregnant that means adding a fourth baby to the family.

Here are a few of the comments from fans: ‘Bey why you hiding yo Stomach Gal!’ / ‘Girl what hint is this?’ / ‘Is she hiding a baby bump?’

Someone else also mentioned how the fandom had been speculating Bey was pregnant for a long time: ‘We’ve been saying muva is pregnant.. she’s been dropping clues the entire album.’

Do you also believe the artist couple is expecting again or are people reading too much into it?

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