Beth Chapman Starts Undergoing Chemotherapy Amid Cancer Battle

Beth Chapman Starts Undergoing Chemotherapy Amid Cancer Battle
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As fans of the reality TV show and its hosts know all too well, Duane Lee 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Chapman’s wife Beth is once again battling throat cancer. That being said, new updates on the woman’s health claim that she has started chemotherapy.

One insider shared with ET that the 51 year old star began the treatment in Los Angeles sometime last month.

‘The [treatments] are going well, but they certainly take their toll on Beth. She's a trooper though and a very tough lady,’ the source told the outlet. That is great to hear.

Furthermore, the insider also revealed that Duane and Beth have also started shooting the new WGN America TV series, Dogs Most Wanted.

It is true that the Chapmans are currently going through a lot and are very busy, which might actually be a good thing to take their minds off the illness, but the source stated that they have also been receiving a lot of support both from their fans and from Beth’s doctors.

That is probably making things at least a little more bearable since they have so much on their plates.

As you may remember, this is not Beth’s first battle with cancer as she won the fight back in 2017 as well.

Unfortunately, during an emergency procedure she underwent to remove a mass in her throat about two months ago, the doctors discovered that her cancer was back.

Duane has been very worried, and the man admitted that despite his attempts to be strong for Beth, he would find himself crying quite often.


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  • Carole Hardy
    Carole Hardy Jan 21, 2019 8:05 PM PST

    I had throat cancer last yr when you did Beth... I was curable ... My heart goes out to you I did chemo and radiation and that's rough... You are in my prayers...

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