Bernie Sanders Slams Elon Musk As 'Pathetic' For Saying Americans Don't Need Another Stimulus Check

Bernie Sanders Slams Elon Musk As 'Pathetic' For Saying Americans Don't Need Another Stimulus Check
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Bernie Sanders obviously doesn't agree with Elon Musk 's politics. Musk recently came out to say he didn't believe in the idea of giving another stimulus check to American citizens, arguing it wasn't in the best interests of the American public.

Bernie Sanders slammed the notorious entrepreneur on his own Twitter account, Hot New Hip Hop reported today. On his Twitter account, Mr. Musk explained his thoughts toward another "government stimulus" package, which the CEO of Tesla said probably wasn't the best idea.

Sanders said to him in response that he was a "hypocrite," because he has supposedly received billions of dollars in "corporate welfare" from the United States tax base.

According to Bernie Sanders, Elon Musk wants to stop 30 million Americans from receiving $600 a week while Elon's wealth has increased by $46.7 billion in the last 16 weeks. You can check out Elon's original tweet below:

In response to some of the backlash, Musk added how much of the stimulus packages were packed with "special interests earmarks." Musk says it was important to pay money to the people directly, rather than indirectly.

On the other hand, Elon contextualized his broader political views. The Tesla CEO explained how he is also a supporter of universal basic income. Ultimately, he argued,  the goal of the government should be to make its citizens as happy as possible.

Reportedly, another stimulus bill is coming out which includes payments to Americans once again. Rumor has it the package will include additional unemployment benefits and more meat added to the Paycheck Protection Program.

Fans of Musk know he has been a lot more active in political discussions over the last year and a half, especially after the lockdowns began following the spread of the coronavirus across North America.

Earlier this year, Elon explained his thoughts toward the lockdowns, arguing that society was walking a thin line between the destruction of civil liberties and the illusion of security and safety. Furthermore, Musk threatened to pull one of his factories out of California and move instead to the state of Nevada.

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