Notorious 'MAGA Teen' Wins Lawsuit Against Washington Post - Settles For Undisclosed Amount

Notorious 'MAGA Teen' Wins Lawsuit Against Washington Post - Settles For Undisclosed Amount
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Nick Sandmann, famously described as the Covington kid, came to an undisclosed settlement with the Washington Post after the outlet and others framed him as a vicious racist who antagonized the Omaha tribe elder, Nathan Phillips.

Hot New Hip Hop says Sandmann reached an agreement with the Jeff Bezos-owned newspaper over the confrontation he had with Nathan Phillips at the Indigenous People's March at The Lincoln Memorial. Reportedly, Sandmann filed a suit against them for $250 million.

Their attorney, Todd McMurtry, said to reporters from CNN that Nicholas chose to settle with the Washington Post because they were quick to follow up with the truth regarding the Indigenous People's March which quickly became a viral sensation.

Moreover, Todd said to CNN that the outlet managed to include follow-up coverage and editor's notes which quickly told the truth of what really happened. Thus far, it's not clear what Sandmann and Washington Post agreed to.

On his Twitter account, Sandmann explained how he filed a $250 million defamation suit against The Washington Post. On the day he turned 18-years-old, Sandmann came to an agreement with the notorious publication.

As it was previously reported, The Washington Post and other outlets reported on an interaction between Sandmann and Nathan Phillips which appeared to show him being disrespectful. However, video footage later showed he and his friends did nothing wrong.

The teenager's lawyers say The Washington Post published reports about him that were largely untrue. Moreover, they refused to do the proper investigating to ensure the story was correct. Kris Coratti, a spokesperson for The Washington Post, said they were pleased to reach a "mutually agreeable resolution."

The Covington Kids example has since been used as an example of media bias. For instance, outlets such as The New York Times reported the incident as if the Catholic school children unnecessarily taunted an elderly indigenous man.

According to the New York Post, the media highlighted the way in which certain groups are awarded the status in a victim hierarchy, in which the white male wearing a MAGA hat is at the very bottom and the indigenous elderly man is at the top.

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