Bella Hadid Will 'Never Forget' Being In Quarantine With Her Pregnant Sister Gigi Hadid - Here's Why She's So 'Grateful!'

Bella Hadid Will 'Never Forget' Being In Quarantine With Her Pregnant Sister Gigi Hadid - Here's Why She's So 'Grateful!'
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The Hadid sisters have been in quarantine together and according to an insider report, Bella Hadid is nothing short of ‘grateful’ that was the case for them! The reason why is that her sister, Gigi Hadid is pregnant with her first baby and Bella loves that she has been able to be there and support her in every way while going through this experience together.

Of course, she still had to travel for work quite a bit but lately especially, Bella has spent most of the time with her sister.

The siblings have an incredible bond so it makes perfect sense they would want to be there for one another in a situation like this.

As you might know, Gigi and Bella have been in lockdown in Pennsylvania on their mom, Yolanda Hadid‘s farm and it so happened that Gigi got pregnant with her boyfriend, Zayn Malik right in the middle of this global pandemic.

With that being said, the anxiety of expecting for the first time is bad enough but add that to the current situation and Gigi needed as much support and comfort as possible from her mom and sister.

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that Bella ‘will never forget’ how the COVID-19 quarantine ended up giving her a unique opportunity to bond with her sister even more during her pregnancy.

They went on to dish that ‘Bella and Gigi have always had a special bond and Bella's been so sweet and supportive of Gigi during her pregnancy. This is no surprise to anyone though, because their connection's as close as any sisters could be.’

‘Bella is very grateful she has been able to have so much time with Gigi on the farm during the quarantine so that she could share this experience with her. Their lives have always been hectic with their modeling careers that she feels like it was meant to be that they had this time together, and it is something she’ll never forget.’

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