Bebe Rexha's Parents Had Coronavirus But They're Getting Better Now Singer Reveals

Bebe Rexha's Parents Had Coronavirus But They're Getting Better Now Singer Reveals
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Bebe Rexha's parents both contracted the coronavirus, but Bebe claims they've finally recovered. During a conversation with Extra, the 30-year-old singer explained that her parents got sick with the virus and were extremely sick for three weeks.

Rexha said she became "very nervous." Bebe, who currently stays in Los Angeles, wanted to drive across the country to be with her parents in New York City but they told her not to come. According to the pop star, they were adamant for her not to go there with her and her brother.

Thankfully, they recovered and things have been good for them since. Rexha says they can finally taste food again, and she's really happy about it. Since the coronavirus pandemic began and really took hold in the United States, New York state became the hot spot.

Over the last month, however, the state has slowly been improving, and Bebe couldn't be happier that the East Coast is "starting to see the light." These days, Bebe is gearing up to release a song called "Here's to 2020."

According to the pop star, there hasn't been a generation that has dealt with anything like this before. Rexha went on to say that the song is a testament to this generation's strength and fortitude.

If you've been following Bebe Rexha at all, you'd know that she has sympathized with those who suffered from the virus from the beginning. On the 17th of March, Bebe came out to warn her followers on Twitter, arguing that she knew several people who lost someone in their family as a result of the virus.

The 30-year-old singer-songwriter wrote on her Twitter account in March that it "wasn't a joke." During the same social media exchange, Bebe also called on the federal government to allow Americans to go without paying some of their bills for the foreseeable future.

Around the same time, Bebe was also giving it money to some of her fans through her cash-app. The songstress asked followers in need to send her their username and she would help pay their bills.

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