Bebe Rexha Celebrates Her 30th Birthday With Risqué Photo And New Song Not 20 Anymore —Talks Self Love

Bebe Rexha Celebrates Her 30th Birthday With Risqué Photo And New Song Not 20 Anymore —Talks Self Love
Credit: Source: Bebe Rexha/Instagram

Bebe Rexha is celebrating her 30th birthday and she chose to do so with a risqué photo shared with her 9.1 million Instagram followers as well as the release of a new song "Not 20 Anymore." The "Say My Name" singer chose to celebrate leaving her twenties behind by embracing her natural beauty and showing herself, and the world, a little self-love. Wearing nothing but a black thong, Bebe showed off that she can do the splits while lying on a floor and putting her makeup on. Though she was topless, she ensured that she didn't reveal too much, but she revealed plenty to get a viral reaction from the Internet.

Bebe's risqué birthday photo has more than 13 million likes and nearly 30,000 comments.

In addition to the Instagram post, Bebe thanked her 1.5 million Twitter followers for sending her birthday greetings and well-wishes. Bebe Rexha shared the following tweet.

"Thank you for all the birthday wishes and videos and gifts. Love you all very very much. 😭 Thank you for being a part of my life."

Bebe received plenty of positive feedback from those who embraced her confidence and encouraged her to continue being brave.

You may see the photo that Bebe Rexha shared on her Instagram account below.

Bebe was just seen at the MTV Video Music Awards and she is currently touring with the Jonas Brothers who are playing New York's Madison Square Garden. In honor of her thirtieth birthday, Bebe released a new song titled "Not 20 Anymore." Bebe released the song on her birthday and the deep lyrics are appreciated by those who have also made the journey from their 20s to their 30s.

In the song, Bebe reflects on how much she has matured with age and points out several things that were very beneficial with turning 30 and the song was an anthem for leaving your twenties behind and embracing the next decade.

Between Bebe's photo and new video fans are embracing Bebe's birthday along with her and many have shared their similar opinions and sentiments about growing older on Bebe's social media platforms.

What do you think of Bebe Rexha's photo and new song? Do you agree with her pro-aging view on turning 30?

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