Bad Boys For Life Scores Big Opening Weekend At The Box Office

Bad Boys For Life Scores Big Opening Weekend At The Box Office
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The latest installment of the Bad Boys franchise has been in the media headlines in a number of ways in the last few months. Analysts and industry experts claimed previously that the new movie would perform well at the box office, and as it turns out, it has.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed today that the third installment of the popular franchise, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, secured a significant box office debut, even surpassing previous estimations. Dolittle, on the other hand, hasn't done as well.

THR claims Bad Boys for Life earned $23.5 million on Friday night and is looking like it might score a $66 million to $68 million debut in one weekend. In other words, the film has performed above expectations.

Thus far, the movie also has great reviews in addition to an 'A' on Cinemascore which tracks users' experience. Already, producers are discussing another sequel to the Bad Boys franchise, considering the series has continued to be a top-earner.

Bad Boys' audience on Friday night was mostly young black males, and 57% of the buyers were under 35. On the other hand, Bad Boys For Life wasn't a cheap film either, considering it cost nearly $100 million to create, not including marketing costs.

Dolittle , on the other hand, only earned $6.3 million on Friday and is expected to earn just $31 million in one weekend. Reportedly, the failure of Dolittle comes at a bad time for Universal, especially after the box office bomb, Cats.

Moreover, the aforementioned movie was hated by critics, and it's also the first time Robert Downey Junior has returned to another franchise outside of the MCU in years.

Earlier this week, Robert Downey Junior dropped by Joe Rogan's The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he talked about a few subjects, including the political climate of today, his career, in addition to his legendary performance in the 2008 movie, Tropic Thunder. It looks like his  JRE  sit-down didn't lead to box office sales, however.

At the beginning of the month, Will Smith, during an appearence on Jimmy Fallon's late-night television show, shared that it was paramount for him to create a Bad Boys movie that was a stand-alone film. 

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