Asian Doll Says She 'Wants To Die' Following The News Of King Von's Death

Asian Doll Says She 'Wants To Die' Following The News Of King Von's Death
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Asian Doll , also known as Asian Da Brat, was linked to King Von for much of 2020 and even though their relationship was chaotic at times, there's no doubt the pair of performing artists had a lot of love for each other.

In case you missed it, the 26-year-old rapper, King Von, was shot and killed in a shooting outside of a Hookah lounge in Atlanta, Georgia, this week. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Quando Rondo's team and King Von's group of friends broke out in gunfire, and Asian Doll is apparently not feeling well in the aftermath of Von's passing.

According to CupcakKe, one of her close friends, Asian Doll is taking King Von's death particularly hard. CupcakKe wrote on her Twitter account that she just got off the phone with Asian Doll, and she doesn't sound like she's doing well.

CupcakKe went on to urge her fans and followers to please check in on Asian Doll if they knew where she is staying. Not long after CupcakKe commented on Asian Doll's feelings toward her ex-boyfriend's death, Asian Doll shared her first update since the news broke.

The artist wrote on her account, "I wanna die 2 shid, it feels like I'm dead already." Ever since the news was revealed, rappers such as Lil' Yachty, Russ, Wale, and a few others came out to comment on King Von's tragic passing, as it marks another big loss for the hip-hop community this year.

This past week, King Von dropped his latest record, Welcome To O Black . As it was just noted, this wouldn't be the first time a performing artist in the rap world was killed in 2020.

At the start of 2020, Pop Smoke , 20, was killed while staying in an Airbnb in what was originally suspected to be a home invasion gone wrong. It was one of the biggest stories this year in the hip-hop world, other than the shooting death of Houdini, the 21-year-old rapper from Toronto, Canada.


Hurricane Chris, as well, was indicted on second-degree murder charges in relation to a gas shooting station that led to the death of one man.

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