Rapper Asian Doll Says Trump Has Done A Lot For Americans

Rapper Asian Doll Says Trump Has Done A Lot For Americans
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Donald Trump has millions of supporters all over the United States, including some non-American individuals who support the president not with their votes but by holding the same outlook on some of the most controversial issues of the day.

Hot New Hip Hop reported today that the president of the United States has an unlikely supporter in the rapper, Asian Doll, who recently came out to say she was a big fan of the contentious president who recently got over a coronavirus diagnosis.

Over the last few weeks, many celebrities, entertainers, and public figures have taken to their respective social media accounts to encourage people to vote in the coming election. Moreover, some celebrities have called on citizens to vote for a specific candidate over others.

Asian Doll, who also goes by the name, Asian Da Brat , took to her social media this week to share her opinions and thoughts about Donald Trump. The rapper claimed on her account that she "f*ck with the n*gga Trump because" he's giving out a lot of money to the American people.

The star went on to say that she makes a lot of money in different ways, however, she has been around other people who get paid through other ventures. The star says there are a lot of citizens right now who are "up" because of the president and his administration's programs.

Not long after Asian Doll shared her opinion on the president, it didn't take long for other social media users to voice their own thoughts. Asian Doll went on to write a tweet in which she encouraged people to vote for whomever they wanted. She added, "every vote counts," in all capital letters.

As most know, Donald Trump isn't exactly a popular opinion when it comes to the black community, however, he has found supporters in some prominent members, including Kanye West who is perhaps the most famous among them.


However, as most know, the rapper recently rescinded his support and started his own presidential campaign. In fact, the rapper just dropped a new presidential ad to promote his run for the seat in the Oval Office.

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