Johnny Depp Fired From Fantastic Beasts Sequel Following Devastating UK Libel Case Loss

Johnny Depp Fired From Fantastic Beasts Sequel Following Devastating UK Libel Case Loss
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As it turns out, Johnny Depp lost his libel case against the United Kingdom's The Sun regarding Amber Heard's claims that he was guilty of domestic violence. Collider reported today that after it was revealed that Depp had lost his legal battle, the actor was fired from his position in the Fantastic Beasts sequel.

Collider claims Johnny Depp was given the choice to step away from his role in the Fantastic Beasts movie following his libel lawsuit loss. Put simply, this means Johnny was fired and won't be returning.

Amber and Johnny Depp were fighting in a court of law in the British nation over claims from The Sun that he was a "wife-beater." The Sun reported on the domestic abuse allegations levied against Depp from his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

You can check out what Johnny Depp had to say in the Instagram post below:

As it was previously reported, Johnny Depp's case against The Sun was all over the headlines earlier this summer. The libel lawsuit saw the involvement of Johnny himself, Amber Heard, and many of their close and personal friends as each one of them told stories in defense of both parties.

For instance, one security guard claims he had to retrieve an iPhone from a homeless man after Amber Heard threw out of a window during a party one night. The story picked up traction in the entertainment news circuit because of the details of the transaction.

The guard said he had to give the homeless man several hundreds of dollars, chicken tacos, bottles of water, and other miscellaneous food items.

The story came not long after it was reported that Johnny Depp had jokingly referred to Amber Heard as "Amber Turd," after she supposedly defecated in his bed . A maid claimed she had gone into his bedroom morning to discover human feces in the master bed.


Amber and her friends denied pooping in the bed, claiming it was her dog instead.

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