Ashley Graham Speaks Out About Mothers Delivering Babies Alone Due To Coronavirus

Ashley Graham Speaks Out About Mothers Delivering Babies Alone Due To Coronavirus
Credit: Source: Ashley Graham/Instagram

Ashley Graham is speaking out on her official Instagram account about a new complication that many expectant mothers are experiencing due to the Coronavirus. She announced that in New York, they simply don't have enough protective gear to ensure that mothers who are in labor and delivery may have their partners attend births with them. This is leaving many women distraught and emotional at a time when they need the support of their loved ones at one of life's greatest miracles. Ashley used a midwife and delivered her baby Isaac at home. She is currently working with midwives to help ensure they have enough PPE so that they will be safe when helping women deliver their children and so their partners may be in attendance.

Sharing a video on her official Instagram account, where she has 10.7 million followers, Ashely discussed the seriousness of the situation and how vital it is that all health care workers have protective gear — including OB/GYNs and those attending the birth of their children.

You may see the video that Ashley Graham shared with her followers below.

Ashely Graham specifically mentioned New York which has seen a spike in Coronavirus-related deaths this week. The novel virus is attacking worldwide with a vengeance and while most people who contract the virus will recover after experiencing only mild symptoms, it is dangerous for those who are elderly, have underlying health conditions, or suffer from a weak immune system.

There have been 75,665 cases of Coronavirus in the United States. Of those, 1,100 have died — 385 deaths were in New York alone. So far, only 1,863 people have recovered and the rest are still in active sickness mode.

Social distancing is the most effective way to stop the spread of Coronavirus until medication can successfully treat the virus and a vaccine is found.

Many pregnant women are questioning if home births are the solution to the Coronavirus pandemic for expectant mothers so that they lower the risks and can have their partners attend the births of their children. Still, even for homebirths, midwives need adequate protection throughout this public health crisis.

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