Ashanti Gives Beyoncé A Run For Her Money In Viral Video As She Puts Her Curves On Full Display In Purple Bathing Suit

Ashanti Gives Beyoncé A Run For Her Money In Viral Video As She Puts Her Curves On Full Display In Purple Bathing Suit
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Ashanti had a busy few weeks running around promoting her new movie, Stuck , and now she is enjoying a lavish vacation on the beautiful tropical island of Sint Maarten.

The diva, who is as much famous for her impressive vocal cords, writing skills, and killer bikini body; did not disappoint her millions of Instagram followers.

Ashanti posted a brief video where she is soaking in a pool wearing a purple bathing suit.

The musician also took over Sint Maarten's famous Karakter Beach Bar/Restaurant where she flaunted her natural body in a tiny yellow bathing suit.

One person said this about Ashanti's body: "She is badder than a 3-year-old toddler with a box of finger paint on the white carpet. If I had her body, I’d always be in a swimsuit too 😍😍 enjoying paradise."

Another supporter shared: "I️ feel like the reason why she wasn’t on the radar for years is that she was focused on getting aspects of her life awesome and check. Now she’s just simply reaping what she worked so hard to sow."

This social media user explained: "I wish I could be on island living fabulous all the time. Ashanti has really been fine forever. Can’t go wrong with a woman like her.😩😍😍"

This person said only Beyoncé can compete with Ashanti all-natural physique: "Her and Beyonce body are Goals. PERIOD!!!! Natural at its finest 🥰No more brownies and cookies for the rest of the month 🙄.
Damn I wish my hips curved like that😭😭"

The artist recently spoke to Hollywood Life where she explained that she is hard at work on a new album.

She stated: "I’ve been in studio recording, [I’m] dropping music hopefully later this summer. So, I’m looking forward to that. I did an Instagram live two days ago from the studio, me and Metro Boomin. And, the people want vintage Ashanti R&B, so, we’re gonna give them that — but a 2019 spin.”

Ashanti revealed: “[My] favorite part was just having everything come together. You know, seeing all the characters, the dramatic moments, and feeling touched by the performances. For me, no. I think it’s really important to be a part of everything.”

Can a vintage Ashanti album find a way to dominate the charts in 2019?

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